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Why Choose Cobalt Transport Services?

  • Stellar track record over 22 years - one of the longest in the industry


  • High on time delivery (>99%) and low OS&D (<.01%)


  • Fastest industry turnaround times - we call on every order, every day until it is shipped


  • Located in wine country (Napa) with our entire operation under "one roof"


  • Over 200 years of collective team experience, including seasoned leadership


  • Strong company culture focused on minimizing costs for our customers and doing what is best for the product at all times


  • WineSTAR™ - proprietary software built specifically for wine & spirits that allows Cobalt to automate processes (therefore reducing errors) and provide extensive reporting to customers


  • Average customer relationship over 10 years, including some of the largest distributors and also regional, premium distributors; we're happy to provide a reference at your request

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